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Transformational whitewater rafting retreats

Join us on a journey to reawaken the wild goddess inside of you.

Multi-day rafting excursions present a rare opportunity to sink into a sensory-rich world free of distraction or interruption.
Each day on the river provides a new opportunity to play, connect, explore and co-create with your wild goddess.

Be a Diva!
You were born into this world wild, awakened and deeply attuned to your senses. Tune into your inner Diva! Rise out of comfort zones that no longer serve and leap into the fullest expression of yourself.
There is a wild Diva inside of you!
Experience the playful, silly, joy that connects you to your goddess tribe.
Tune into your primal senses; water falling freely over stone, birdsong and breeze, the emerging first light of day on a canyon wall.
Leap off the edge of perfection into a pool of authentic beauty.
When your Wild Diva is awakened,
the world comes alive around you.
Women evolved working together; leaning into our collective strength and wisdom. Our trips uniquely offer all female guides, retreat leaders and guests. Everyday we laugh freely and openly in camaraderie with our tribe. Long hugs soon replace texting emojis!!
“This was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Pulling myself out of everyday routine, traveling to a remote location, and living in a completely different setting for 3 days was a stretch for me. I became very close with the women on our trip, in a way that would never occur on a traditional vacation. It was a journey inward and upward, with lots of fun and excitement along the way.”


Heidi Ghiselli