FAQ - Downriver Divas
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Frequently asked questions

How rustic is the camping?

Years of guiding experience have taught us that access to intimate places on rivers does not have to be uncomfortable.  Our trips are run in partnership with one of the world’s best outfitters whose all-female staff provide everything from expert river skills to amazing meals. There is a misconception that camping equals poor sleep and smelly clothes. Unlike a small backpack, rafts are big vessels with space for huge sleeping mats, comfy camp chairs, refreshing drinks and gourmet food. Rafting trips equal comfort! We take pride in our goddess surprises; lavender spray on pillows, sparkly tattoos to go with your rustic attire, maybe even a warm foot bath.  Trust us, the rhythm and serenity of the river will become a new home you will not want to leave!

Do you need previous rafting experience?

No!  Rafting is a recreational pursuit available to almost anyone. Though we may hike some days, most of the days are spend chatting in boats, enjoying yoga on the beach, trying artistic pursuits, journaling and engaging in sacred circle discussions.  The Rogue River has some challenging rapids, but is generally a mild river, recommended to families.

What type of boats are on the trip?

There are 5-6 rafts with one guide and 2-3 passengers in each boat.  The guides navigate rapids in an oar boat and passengers can relax and chat, sometimes actively “hold on”, choose to swim a rapid, or view wildlife through binoculars.  Smaller inflatable kayaks are also available for more intrepid souls to navigate the waters themselves or with a partner.

How do I pack for this trip?

We will send you a detailed packing list for clothing and gear on the trip.  We provide life jackets.  Special dry bags are also provided to pack your belongings and keep them dry throughout the journey.  All camping/ sleeping gear; tents, sleeping bags etc. can be rented and available for you at the trip start, if you do not have your own gear.