Rogue River Retreat - Downriver Divas
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Goddess in the Pines

Rogue River, Oregon

Whitewater Rafting Retreat for Women

June  26 – 30, 2018

Pine Forests/Wild and Scenic River/ Transformation/Sisterhood

June 26 – 30, 2018

Awaken your inner Diva on a 6 day, 5 night journey on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. Six days provides luxurious river time to immerse in the connection and bonding activities that only Downriver Divas can provide. Each day the safety of the Diva tribe emboldens you to dive into identifying comfort zones that no longer serve. Like a warm ray of sunlight, sisterhood helps you feel supported, seen and heard for being uniquely – you. Lean into transforming limiting beliefs into bold actions of grace on the wild and scenic ride of awakening.

How we awaken your Wild Diva!

 “If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”

Our retreats create a safe environment to discover how moving beyond your comfort zone can change the way you look at the world.


♥ Pre-trip, one-on-one coaching helps you identify limiting beliefs that hold you back from living into the fullest expression of yourself. Themes emerge that are universal to all women.


♥ On the river we gather in group coaching, sacred circle discussions to offer support and transformation of themes that hold your Diva back in your consciousness.


♥ You will feel supported and inspired to unfurl your goddess wings and step into the light of a new vision.


♥ Inner awareness is supported by outer action as physical opportunities arise to set your Diva free.


♥ We will help you identify one significant “leap” out of your comfort zone into an activity that will serve as your personal defining moment of shifting perspective: howl at the moon, swim a rapid, cliff jump, sing a song, navigate a rapid in an inflatable kayak, dance, share a hidden talent; the opportunities are endless.

Your tribe is waiting to cheer you on!

Example circle discussions and related activities include:

The Flying Goddess:

Anatomy of a comfort zone.  Comfort zones can become limiting, holding you back from living into the fullest expression of yourself. Allowing your mind and body to explore new things invites your goddess wings to unfurl and fly beyond your comfort zones in all arenas of life!

Potential related activities:

cliff jumping
navigating a rapid in an inflatable kayak
swimming a rapid
beautiful vulnerability in sacred circle sharing
dancing in a goddess costume
just being in the outdoors

The Wise Goddess:

Buzzing cell phones, traffic noise and the requests of others are just some distractions you learn to react to in everyday life.  On the river, you are invited to tune into your inner Diva and awaken your intuitive senses.

Potential related activities:

silent nature walks
beach yoga
journal writing

The Creative Goddess:

Time is a concept you become attached to and convince yourself you are lacking.  Sinking into a creative project dissolves the boundaries of time and awakens you to your divine gifts.

Potential activities:

watercolor painting
poetry writing
yoga and dance

The Body of the Goddess:

We all find ways to be critical of our human bodies.  On the river, the goddess takes over and shatters our limiting beliefs of body image.  We do not need a mirror to see inner-beauty; it is always there; reflected in the natural world around us!

Potential activities:

sparkly tattoo adornment
skinny dipping beneath the stars

The Goddess Tribe:

Modern day finds many of us tucked away in our homes or offices, connecting to others through media.  Laughter and camaraderie with our tribe is the goddess way.  Women evolved working together and leaning into our collective strength and wisdom.  On the river we freely laugh every day and long hugs soon replace texting emojis!

Potential activities:

belly-aching laughter
disco party
being assigned a “river angel”
taking on a river name
post-trip group connection offerings

Retreat Itinerary

Goddess in the Pines, Rogue River Retreat Day-by-Day

Day 1

Retreat leaders meet guests as they arrive at Morrison’s Lodge in Merlin, Oregon by 4:00PM. Get settled and acquainted with refreshments on the deck of the resort lodge. At 6:00PM, our partner rafting outfitter arrives to provide dry bags for packing and a rafting orientation. 7:00PM, dinner and goddess introductions at the lodge. 9:00PM, return to our rooms to enjoy a good night’s sleep for the adventure ahead!

Day 2

In the morning, we will be transferred from Morrison’s Lodge to the river put-in, which is just a short drive down the road. We’ll meet our guides and help pack the boats. The canyon walls of the Rogue separate us from the rest of the world as we begin our trip. We will stop for lunch along the river. A few rapids make this day exciting and late afternoon will offer a nice sandy beach to set -up camp and relax before our first sacred circle gathering. Dinner will be provided by our guides.

Day 3-5

Each morning presents a new day within a river routine; hot drinks are ready by 7:00AM, sunrise meditation or yoga may be offered if you choose to take part, breakfast is served around 8:00AM. We will fall into rhythm with the river, breaking down camp and loading boats most mornings and enjoying new scenery and excitement as we float 2-4 hours each day. In the evenings, we gather to share perspectives on topics like living beyond our comfort zones, body image, making self honoring choices, relationships and life purpose. The river environment provides daily opportunities to awaken to the brightest expression of ourselves through activities like taking a turn in an inflatable kayak, cliff jumping, silent observation of nature and hiking.

One of the trip days we will indulge in a layover day.  A layover day provides the opportunity to wake up and remain in camp, rather than breaking down camp and getting on the boats.  A layover day offers time for long hikes, refreshing swims and exploring creativity through watercolor painting, journaling and any other activity that the moment presents!

Day 6

Last river day. We wake up to the usual morning ritual but take time to honor the awakened goddess in all of us with a closing circle. After lunch on the river, we have a short float to our take-out point at Foster Bar, where we’ll arrive around 2:00 PM. We’ll pack up the vans and then relax for the scenic, 2-3 hour mountain drive back to Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge. You should arrive before 6:00 PM.


Pre-coaching phone conversation

Once you are registered for the retreat, Aimee will call you for a one hour coaching conversation.  She will guide you to consider life beyond a comfort zone that has become…too comfortable.  You will consider how to break free of limiting beliefs that are inherently part of a comfort zone.  Ideas will emerge for defining an action on the river that helps signify “breaking free”. This is where the magic begins


Disco Night

The last night on the river is alive with celebration! We find the perfect place to hang a disco ball in a tree and unveil special goddess costumes specific to each woman’s unique personality. The evening unfolds with music and dancing accentuated by the most awakened laughter the wilderness has ever witnessed!


Post-Trip Connection

Parting is “such sweet sorrow,” but you have awakened a wild goddess and integrated her into your very being. She will remind you of the laughter and camaraderie of your river experience forever. A month after the trip, we host a group call to connect our tribe and share new stories of awakened wild women!

Meet your retreat leaders

Aimee Cullwick, Founder, Retreat Leader

Having spent recent years in a down-turn of “mommy martyrdom”, taking care of everyone but herself, Aimee Cullwick sought to reawakening her wild side by leading multi-day river trips for women. With 20+ years of experience as a raft guide and kayaker, Aimee has intimate knowledge of the camaraderie, natural beauty and spiritual connection that only river trips can provide. Though her experience as a raft guide began as an adventurous pursuit, helping clients feel safe on all classifications of whitewater, she soon realized that the true journey on a river is within one’s consciousness.

As one of four sisters and mother to three daughters, Aimee was inspired to create a space to honor relationships among women where they can play, laugh, dance and cry in a natural setting that inspires growth and connection. It became clear to her that river trips provide the perfect backdrop to bring women in-tune with their feminine power, rediscover their creative wisdom and celebrate all aspects of sisterhood.

Aimee has a masters degree in education and has studied Spiritual Psychology and Soul-Centered Life Coaching at the University of Santa Monica. She is also the proud owner of one of the most coveted costume closets in the world!!

Emily Hightower, Retreat Co-leader

Emily Hightower has been a river and wellness guide for over 21 years. She lived in her pickup truck chasing rivers before being roped into playing house by the charms of her husband and son. She now runs Ondalu, a wellness company with a studio in Carbondale, Colorado. She’s also a whitewater kayak instructor and a self-proclaimed ‘snack expert’ who is looking for the perfect portable food to satisfy her endless craving for chocolate. Emily’s orientation to wellness is yogic in nature; she sees the light in people without judgment and empowers them to harness health as a birthright. She believes we shine when given the right ingredients of outdoor play, authentic connection, healing foods and evidence-based yoga methods. She uses her own life as a playground to learn these tools and share them.
In her river-guiding life, she directed education for the Headwaters Institute on rivers throughout the U.S. and Chile, taught kayaking to local and inner city teens, rows gear in the Grand Canyon when she can and lives to be a Downriver Diva! In her yogi-life, she’s a trusted teacher with over 10,000 hours of contact time. She’s currently writing a book on healing food behavior using yoga’s light. You can learn more by visiting her at

About the Rogue River, Oregon

The Rogue River in Southern Oregon offers 38 miles of class II – III whitewater that winds through a spectacular canyon full of lush forest and wildlife.  The river is one of only eight in the country to receive “Wild and Scenic” designation by congress in 1968, due to its amazing beauty and wilderness.  The river is also steeped in history of pioneers, indians and poets.  Float through Mule Canyon with vertical rock walls on either side, see cascading waterfalls, witness bald eagles and osprey in flight, hike to historic landmarks.  The Rogue is considered one of the best river trips in the country.

Your 6 day 5 night retreat Includes:

  • First night accommodations at Morrison’s Lodge in Merlin, Oregon (double occupancy rooms)
  • Daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Pre-trip reflection and coaching examining personal limiting beliefs
  • Post-trip reflection and coaching to integrate principles and practices of “goddess-training” into your every-day life
  • 5-day, 4-night rafting trip down the Rogue River
  • Daily journal and group discussions to reawaken your wild goddess!
  • Daily activities like yoga, hiking or meditation
  • End of trip disco party complete with take-home costumes!
  • Retreat gift bag full of glittery, luxurious and pampering attire and accessories!

RESERVE your spot TODAY for this unique journey of self-discover, self-renewal and WILD PLAY


Retreat package $2400

50% deposit necessary to hold your spot, balance due April 25, 2018.

Pay 1/2 deposit or Full Retreat Price


Space is limited to 16 guests; reserve soon to secure a spot!

Retreat Booking Policy:
Upon booking your trip, you are required to make a 50% deposit.  The balance is due 60 days prior to departure.

Cancellations and Refunds:
If you find it necessary to cancel your trip, please notify us as soon as possible.

Cancellations 60 days or more prior to your trip earn a full refund less a $100/person fee.

Cancellations 59 days or less prior to your trip are not refundable.

If you transfer from one trip to another, there is a $100/person charge.